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Dora Valkanou

Dora Valkanou is a bilingual writer from Greece, living in Glasgow. She teaches Creative Writing at the Scottish Universities International Summer School (SUISS) in Edinburgh

and taught Creative Non-Fiction: Life Writing, Memoir and Autofiction at the University of Glasgow between 2022 and 2024. Here you will find excerpts from her published novel of erotic gastronomy, The Loving Chef, her short stories, award-winning poetry, and future projects. Enjoy!

English subtitles to be added!

What critics say about my novel, The Loving Chef (Athens: Kedros Publishers)

Constantinos Bouras

Poet, Writer, Critic

"One of the most interesting and innovative books among recent publications."

Dimitris Boutos


"An erotic cookbook? Possibly. I do not know the exact term, but this is certainly inspirational! 

Look for the book, for yourselves - or as a lovely, slightly naughty, gift."

Maria Andrikopoulou

Arts and the City

“An amazing book! One of the best books I have ever read. 

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